The brand-new Train-the-Trainer practical seminar

Mental Health:

Focus on stress management

With this brand-new practical seminar, we provide trainers with a highly topical seminar concept designed to promote mental health and reduce stress in the long term. Support people in successfully facing stressful situations.
Next seminar date: December 8, 2023, Live-Online (9am to 5pm CET)
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More than 14.000 trainers and numerous well-known companies work with us worldwide:

Mental Health: A term that is currently on everyone's lips.

But what is behind it?

In a nutshell:
Our mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It influences our thinking, feeling and acting.
At persolog, we are convinced that good stress management supports the mental health of every individual.
Learn about the different reaction patterns of the different personality types and help people to correctly classify their mental, emotional and physical alarm signals.
5 reasons why
your participation in this seminar is worthwhile
Get background knowledge around the topics of mental health
and stress
Learn what's behind the term mental health and how stress relates to it.
Analyze current perceived burdens
In the seminar, you will learn how to analyze the current perceived stress of your participants: Where in their life is the burden significantly high? When is it too much? When can it become harmful to health? And: Which ways of thinking and which beliefs trigger stress?

Identify individual stress behaviors

Not everyone behaves the same way under stress. In the seminar, you will learn how different stress behaviors can look like and how you can accompany people to become aware of their own stress behaviors. Identify non-productive behaviors and change them.

Discover the 4 short-term stress management strategies

You will learn various stress management strategies in the seminar that you can pass on to your participants, such as breathing techniques or progressive muscle relaxation.

Get inspiration for

your training or corporate health management

In our seminar, you will receive many practical tools with which you can design a training on the topic of mental health or further develop your company health management. 
With your booking you get ...
A cutting-edge seminar concept for your trainer portfolio
Material for the seminar worth over 100 euros
A scientifically based seminar based on the persolog® stress model
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Your expert in Mental Health

Nathalie Sonntag
Psychologist and Master trainer.
After her successful psychology studies, she puts her passion for accompanying people in their individual development into practice through research and training at persolog.

Register now for the brand new practical seminar

The practical seminar "Mental Health: Focus on Stress Management" with Nathalie Sonntag for only 598 Euros plus VAT.

About the organizer:

persolog we are an academy and publishing house

We want to develop organizations through people. That's why we certify trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and executives to work with our learning tools around the topic of social competence and personal development and support trainers in making the leap into the digital training world. Our vision is for people to understand themselves and others even better, to focus on their strengths and to develop themselves further regardless of the format.
Over 40 bright minds work every day to develop tools and seminars to support people in their personal development, together with trainers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. This is how we help companies to be successful.
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